My Four-Step Investment Process

I offer access to a wide range of investment options to help you work towards specific milestones we establish to keep your short- and long-term goals on track.  My disciplined, four-step process can help instill confidence that your assets will be strategically managed.

  1. Trend identification - I adopt asset allocation models based on asset classes I believe are positioned for long-term return potential as well as those that seek to take advantage of shorter-term opportunities.
  2. Risk management - I monitor asset allocation on a regular basis as a measure in an effort to help optimize performance based on historical returns.
  3. Investment selection - I review and track diverse groups of non-proprietary investment vehicles.
  4. Entry/exit strategy - I use technical analysis software to enhance investment entry and exit decisions, helping you to potentially capitalize on investment opportunities.

There is no guarantee that an investment strategy will yield positive outcomes.  Investing involves risk, including the loss of principal.  Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Technical analysis is based on the study of historical price movements and past trend patterns.  It is only one form of analysis, and the merits of other types of analysis should be considered when making investment decisions.