Know Your Risk Number

One of the most important considerations in portfolio construction is risk level.  And it's an area that most investors going it alone fail to adequately incorporate into the investment selection process.  If your portfolio risk is below that of your actual risk tolerance then your portfolio may underperform causing you to fall short of your long-term goals. If your portfolio risk is higher than your actual risk tolerance then your portfolio may suffer larger losses than what you're willing to tolerate in a down market.  This can cause many people to sell assets in an attempt to avoid further losses, which once again may cause your portfolio to underperform and fall short of your goals.  But you can avoid this risk mismatch between your portfolio and your risk tolerance, allowing you to stay on course during markets ups and downs.

To accomplish this, we use Riskalyze, the world’s first risk alignment platform, which mathematically pinpoints a client’s Risk Number®.  Built on a Nobel Prize-winning framework, Riskalyze quantifies the semantics of the financial advice industry, replacing confusing and subjective terms like “moderately conservative” and “moderately aggressive” with the Risk Number, a number between 1 and 99 that pinpoints your exact comfort zone for downside risk and potential upside gain. Then, using the universe of investment products and programs, we build an investment portfolio that not only matches your investment objective and theme, but also which precisely matches your risk profile.  We then create a personalized Retirement Map that can help provide potential probabilities of success.  You will then have an idea as to how much to save, how long to work, and how much you can withdraw when pursuing each of your financial goals for retirement.

Riskalyze Client-Facing Video from Riskalyze on Vimeo.

Ready to begin the process of matching your retirement portfolio to your risk profile?  Know your Risk Number!  Click the link below to try our free, no obligation Portfolio Risk Analysis Tool NOW!

IMPORTANT: The projections or other information generated by Riskalyze regarding the likelihood of various investment outcomes are hypothetical in nature, do not reflect actual investment results, and are not guarantees of future results. Your Risk Number provided is on a scale of 1 to 99, with higher numbers indicating higher risk tolerance. Scenarios illustrated are not representative of any specific investment or investor. Individual results may vary. Investing is subject to risk which may involve loss of principal. No strategy assures success or protects against loss.