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Regardless of our moral and faith values, most of us share similar concerns our financial future:

  • Am I going to outlive my retirement savings?
  • Am I going to have to work forever?
  • How am I going to afford medical insurance and medical care during retirement?

At Covenant Financial Strategies, Inc. in Bel Air, MD, we focus on the unique challenges of Christians of aligning their financial planning, investing, and saving with God's will.  Working through LPL Financial, an independent broker/dealer firm, Brad Mainster, an LPL Investment Advisor Representative and President of Covenant Financial Strategies, provides independent, comprehensive investment strategies and financial planning services for our clients.  Using comprehensive software, updated daily, Brad pinpoints exactly how much risk you want.  Then, using the universe of investment products and programs, he engineers a portfolio that not only matches your investment objective and theme, but also which precisely matches your risk profile, and which is constructed in a way that you will find pleasing to God.  He can also create a personalized Retirement Map that can help provide potential probabilities of success.  You will then have an idea as to how much to save, how much to donate for Kingdom purposes, how long to work, and how much you can withdraw, when pursuing each of your financial goals.

With over 36 years combined experience in the insurance, banking, and financial services industries, Brad along with his Branch Operations Manager Janice Conolley understand the unique challenges our clients face through all stages of life.  By working with our firm you, too, can pursue confidence in your financial future.  To schedule a convenient appointment to create a strategy for pursuing financial independence through all stages of your life, or for a complimentary portfolio review, call us at (410) 734-9113.

Do you want to begin the process of matching your retirement portfolio to your risk profile?  Know your Risk Number!  Click the link below to try our free, no obligation Portfolio Risk Analysis Tool NOW!

Do you want to see how closely your current investment portfolio aligns with your faith values?  Please contact us so that we can obtain a copy of a recent account statement and provide you with a free analysis.