Faith-Based Investing

Is your investment strategy aligned with your faith values?

Regardless of our individual moral and faith-based values, most of us share similar concerns about our financial future.  So advisors and financial planners all utilize tools like diversification and asset allocation, consider each client's risk tolerance, and conduct research and exercise due diligence to help their clients invest prudently as they work toward their financial goals.  But many investors are unaware of what the companies that they own in their portfolios actually do or what they make, what they are supporting with their contributions, how they treat their neighbors and community, and what they're doing to protect and preserve God's good earth.  Did you know that it is possible to screen out companies that are doing or supporting those things that are not aligned with your personal values?  For example, depending upon your faith and moral values, you may not wish to support one or more of the following industries:

  • Abortion
  • Pornography
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Gambling
  • Anti-family entertainment - violence, nudity, etc.

You may also wish to avoid owning companies with environmental, social, or governance concerns such as:

  • Environmentally-related fines and regulatory actions
  • Product and workplace safety issues
  • Unfair human rights and labor rights policies
  • Outrageous CEO compensation
  • Animal testing
  • Lack of board independence

And there may be other moral, social, or faith-based areas of concern.  Furthermore, did you know that it is possible to intentionally support businesses that are doing good things - making products and providing services which are helpful to humanity, that treat their employees well, that are donating time and resources to help their communities, and which are doing their part to protect and preserve the world that God has given to us?

For a complimentary screening of your current investment or retirement portfolio from a faith-based or morally responsible perspective, please contact us directly so that we can obtain a copy of a recent account statement to analyze.  Complete the form below, or contact us at (410) 734-9113.

With faith-based or Biblically-Responsible Investing, as with Socially Responsible Investing (environmental, social, and/or governance screening), the returns may be lower than if the investor made decisions based solely on conventional investment considerations, but they could also be higher.