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Mission & Vision Statements

                                                Mission Statement

At Covenant Financial Strategies, our purpose is to glorify God as we carry out our calling to guide clients in following God’s command to be good stewards over all that He has entrusted to them. We do this by providing Biblically-based wealth management services along with the finest financial products and most personalized financial advice possible. Recognizing the broad diversity in values and core tenets among believers from both denominational and non-denominational faith backgrounds, we endeavor to know and understand our clients’ specific values, and to incorporate them along with their needs, ambitions, and long-term objectives in developing, implementing, and monitoring a strategy which is aligned with their personal values and beliefs.  Our operations and daily decisions are based on faith in God, guidance from scripture, integrity, respect, trust, confidentiality, a goal of excellence, and an objective desire to do what is both right and best for every client in every situation.  We continually strive to remain a trusted source of knowledge and customized advice for our clients through ongoing professional development and continuing education.  We constantly aspire to maintain a reputation of highest quality through the nurturing of deep, long-term relationships with our clients.

                                                 Vision Statement

We endeavor to conduct the business of our firm in a manner which is pleasing to God, and to be valued by our individual, family, and business clients for our honest, objective, and comprehensive services offered in the areas of investment management, risk management, and purpose-based financial planning.


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